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The design of the Gabion Floodwall/Blastwall System is among the single most widely used designs for rapidly protecting personnel, equipment, and critical assets in conflict zones globally.  They are fast to build, simple in design, extremely effective in providing protection, and cost less than the majority of the alternatives being used in today’s global environment.
Gabion Floodwall;


Our floodwall system is made using; Gabion baskets with Filter Fabric, they come in variable sizes that can be filled with sand, drain rock or local soils. Shipped in ISO Containers to site, installed and filled faster than sand bags, for quick and speedy Flood Control measures.

RIBS Flood Prevention & Earth Stabilization;


Rapid Installation Barrier System, also known as RIBS, makes for an ideal, quickly assembled barricade against floods, water retention, and various threats of encroaching water. RIBS require just a fraction of the time and manpower needed to fill traditional sandbags, and are just as efficient during removal.

Gabion Blastwall;


Our blastwall system is also made using; Gabion baskets with Filter Fabric, they are shipped in ISO Containers to site, they come in variable sizes. Installed and filled with sand or local soils, for speedy blastwall protection, primarily for military bases globally.

More to come!


We are currently working on a new product. This will be updated soon!

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